How to Cook Snow Crab Legs

Now that you know a little about the Maryland Blue Crab, how about cooking Snow Crab? Snow Crabs have also been known as “Queen Crabs.” They are caught in the colder waters in oceans of the North Pacific and North Atlantic. They’re much larger than the Maryland Blue Crab, and smaller than the King Crab. The snow crab’s lifespan is around 14 years!  They’re prized for their sweet, savory meat.

For cooking the Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, the crab legs are already cooked because they’re cooked right after they are caught. Basically what you do is reheat the crab legs, so this is a little easier than the blue crab because you aren’t dealing with a live crab when starting to cook.

You can purchase the snow crab from the grocery store in the fish department. Normally the crab legs will be on ice or frozen. You can keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to cook - I mean reheat them.

I like to boil snow crab because that way I can season the water with Old Bay Seasoning which gives the crab a great spicy taste. Some people prefer cooking the crab in the oven while others I’ve heard even grill them. It all depends on personal preference. Here are the ways that you can prepare snow crab.

Boiling - Place the frozen crab legs into a large pot of boiling water. Add Old Bay Seasoning to taste and boil the crab for about 6-8 minutes - enough for the meat to be heated. Once finished, place the crab legs onto a paper towel to drain. Get out the nut cracker or crab cracker and enjoy!

Steaming - Place the crab legs into a large pot with about 1/4 of a pot of water. Add your crab legs and place a lid tightly on the top of the pot. Steam the crabs for 6-8 minutes until they are heated through. Serve hot with melted butter! Yum

Microwave ? - I haven’t personally done this myself but I’ve been told that you can also microwave the crab legs. What you need to do is wrap the crab legs (frozen) in a paper towel that is dampened and use the defrost mode in the microwave to defrost the crab for around 5 minutes. This probably isn’t the best way to heat them but I guess if you’re into microwaving then you might like this method of reheating the crab meat.

Baking in Oven - If you have a lot of crab legs and can’t fit them all into the pot, you might want to consider placing them in the oven on a sheet of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. Wrap the crab legs in the aluminum foil with a small hole for the steam to escape and bake them for around 15 minutes at 450 degrees F.

Grilling - Place the crab legs in aluminum foil and make sure that they are about 6 inches away from the heat source. Grill the crab legs for about 15 minutes on medium - high heat. 








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4 Responses to “How to Cook Snow Crab Legs”

  1. The davo Says:

    If you are going to microwave the snow crab leg, the thawing of them is very important. Do not use the microwave thawing suggestion. Just plan, buy ahead, and thaw them in the fridge overnight. Then, wrap in moistened paper towels ( I have only done one cluster at a time), and try 44 seconds for starters. Just remember that we are not cooking but simply reheating. I have some legs thawing right now. mmmm, cannot wait til later!

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